Customisation & development

Database Partners provides a range of different Customer Care Packages to suit different business needs.

General customisation may not be enough. Sometimes you require something that is quite complex yet necessary for your business. This requires specific back-end coding & development to achieve. Development is something we do it every day, so let us know what you need in your CreataCRM system, and we'll work with you to ensure it happens.

Our aim is to release you to do business without the pain of being limited with having conditions place upon you. We aim to take down the barriers that prevent you from launching forward in business. We aim to say 'yes' wherever and whenever possible. We work with you, not against you. Our philosophy is to release you and assist you without the huge burden of cost and hidden conditions.

When we develop for you, we are honest and helpful and will always endeavor to achieve what you need swiftly, affordably & accurately. CreataCRM is a system in place with several standard features but we like to encourage you to see it as a blank canvas, where you hold the paint brush!. Many of our clients enjoy this freedom of assistance we offer as our competitors certainly don't offer such openess and flexibility.