What is a CRM?

A Customer/Client Relationship Management System is a tool that assists you in managing, tracking and retaining your intellectual property, clients, staff and business functions. It is your engine room and is a valuable tool your business will most certainly benefit from. A CRM system is a powerful vehicle that drives & manages business activities regardless of the company or database size.

What can a CRM System do?

Capture relevant business data to provide marketing and business intelligence about your contacts Easily share information including notes and history with your team so they can provide your clients with a seamless customer service experience no matter which team member they speak to. Ensure actions that need to be done for your clients are completed on time, by enabling you to monitor and manage you and your team's activities

Customer Relationship Management software is specifically designed for business owners and managers of sales teams. It provides one convenient system to manage your entire customer relationship. This is done by bringing a number of programs people regularly use such as client database, contact history, diary and reminder system, To Do lists, email and mail merge programs all within the one easy to use system saving you and your team time. Our quality CRM solutions will provide the tools to enable your team to deliver memorable service, exceed customer expectations and increase referrals!

How will a CRM help your business?

Most businesses are all about the customer, they have to be to survive in today's competitive environment. CRM is a tool that enables you to effectively manage your customers which is the key to profitability. Key Benefits of a CRM - click one of the below.

  • Easily manage your customers
  • Share important information with colleagues
  • Improve productivity & profits
  • Increase customer retention
  • Monitor your sales teams activities
  • Better returns for your marketing dollars
  • Reporting intelligence

Easily manage your customers

Whether you are a small business or a large organisation, you need information on your customers. As well as basic information like their name and phone number you need to understand their requirements in order to provide a superior service to make them come back. Our solutions can be customised to record the data that is relevant to your business. Staff are able to quickly find contact information to personalise their service which can make all the difference in today's competitive market.

Share important information with colleagues

If you have remote offices or staff who work out of the office, you can still share all the data. With synchronisation, everyone can see the same data. You can also prevent other people from seeing certain information i.e. other Sales People checking your Sales Opportunities!

Improve productivity and profits

Our experience shows about 30% improvement in productivity alone!

By consolidating all your customer information into one easy to access program it saves you time, reduces paperwork and provides your team with instant access to information when you need it. Each person can schedule calls, meetings and to do lists and set alarms to ensure they don't get missed. Higher Productivity = Higher Profits

Increase customer retention

Over 65% of customers who leave a business do so because they feel the business isn't interested in them or doesn't provide the service they expected. That's right- over 65%! You spend a fortune getting new customers to buy from you once but that doesn't mean you've got them for life. How many future sales and how much profit are you missing out on? Keeping clients and increasing profits is all about building relationships. Managing a lasting and profitable relationship with your customers and prospects is based on regular communication, an understanding of their needs, and timely responses.

All this can be easily achieved using a CRM solution.

Easily monitor your sales team's activity

Do you worry about whether your sales team are performing? Our CRM systems give you peace of mind knowing you have the systems to quickly monitor and manage the activities of your sales team. It makes them accountable. No more missed opportunities or leads that are not followed up, improving your service levels and increasing your sales. CRM will ensure your team is consistently delivering the highest level of service, setting you apart from your competition.

Better return for your marketing dollar

By targeting the clients and prospects that have shown an interest in specific products or services you can cut back on expensive advertising that may not be working and focus on the clients who want to buy. Keep in touch with easy to create newsletters, prepare a personalised letter to a select group of clients or send a personalised email to thousands of contacts in a matter of minutes! And it's easy to use.

Reporting Intelligence

You can use the standard reports or have detailed reports created especially for your business. From basic contact list reports, evaluating customer needs to measuring service performance. Power at your fingertips!