Database Partners Ethics Policy

To Our Clients: Database Partners endeavors to provide excellent service and products at all times. It is important that the interests of our customer are placed as a priority and expectations are exceeded where and when possible. Database Partners pledges to build a long term working relationship with each of its clients and bases this relationship on honesty, trust and good faith. Database Partners will always offer continued high quality service and support, fair pricing and excellent pre and after-sales service.

To Our Suppliers: Database Partners will aim to settle bills promptly. Database Partners believes in co-operation with all of its suppliers to achieve quality and efficiency.

To Our Community: Database Partners endeavors to protect and preserve the environment. The involves all of the company and its staff. Initiatives such as minimal paper use, recycling & concerving energy are among some of the activites adopted by Database Partners in positive efforts to maintain a clean green environment.

Employee's Interests Our employees are our most valuable asset and therefore an investment. Every employee at Database Partners will be treated fairly & without discrimination (Anti-Descrimination Act of 1977, NSW ). Opportunities will be made available when ambition is demonstrated and a keenness to progress and learn is shown.

Company Interests Database Partners has outlined policies and procedures in which staff members are required to adhere at all times. These policies (which are detailed throughout this page) are designed to maintain a high level of consistency in product and service offered by Database Partners.

Working conditions Database Partners adhere to Occupational Health and Safety standards & aim to provide a safe and secure working environment at all times.

Discrimination and harassment. Database Partners adheres to Anti-Discrimination Legislation. Discrimination or harassment on the basis or race, color, sex, age, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, or sexual preference is not be tolerated at Database Partners.

Conflict of Interest Database Partners commissions the services of both employees and contractors. Database Partners understands that all contractors may have established their own clients prior to working for Database Partners. Database Partners do not permit commissioned contractors to market or promote their own services to the established clients of Database Partners. This is considered a direct conflict of interest and will be dealt with seriously. Employees of Database Partners understand, agree to and respect this policy.