ACT! Install

If you are using ACT! or thinking about implementing ACT! for your business, Database Partners can work with you in the implementation stage as well as ongoing support and consultancy. Our process is to firstly understand your business and your needs and requirements for implementing ACT!.

Based on this understanding we can provide recommendations for the necessary Software and Services that you will require.

In addition to the software you may need, we can assist with:

  • Installing ACT! on your Server, Workstations & Laptops
  • Setting up Syncronisation for remote users
  • Setting up Preferences and Outlook Integration
  • Importing or Converting your Data
  • Customisation of the Database and Screen Layouts
  • Email Marketing
  • HTML Template Design and set up
  • Word Document Template Design and set up
  • ACT! User Training
  • Email Marketing Training
  • ACT! ongoing Support & Help Desk

To determine what services you might require, give us a call today on 1300 791 327. We will arrange a time to discuss your requirements and ask the necessary questions to help determine an ideal solution.

Let's ACT! together and chat today!