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ACT! Wireless Handheld Contact

Handheld Contact - two-way wireless syncing between your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile & iPhone device and ACT!
Simple, reliable and secure, Handheld Contact Professional Edition is the ultimate solution for getting ACT! on your phone.

  • ACT! Contacts - all your contact details.
  • Tasklist - date, time, location even who the task is scheduled with
  • Notes and History - any type of notes and history items you need on your phone
  • Activities - Calls, Meetings, To-Do Items and more, any type of activity you have in ACT! Even schedule Activities on your phone for multiple contacts
  • Automatic syncing - Your phone and ACT! info is always up-to-date with syncing running automatically in the background.
  • Separate application - Handheld Contact Professional edition is a separate application on your phone. Up to 76 ACT! fields (26 standard and 50 user-definable)
  • Calendar - all your calendar details in day, week and month views Record Calls, Emails and SMS made from Handheld Contact on the device and sends to ACT!'s history All the rules you have in ACT! are followed - private, public, drop-downs
  • Secure - Handheld Contact Professional edition uses the latest web and mobile encryption technology to keep your info safe and secure.

Watch a video of ACT! Wireless Handheld Contact working on an iPhone!

$99.00 per year

ACT! Outlook Contacts and Calendar Integration (2011 Onwards)

Outlook Integration allows you to synchronize your activities and contacts between Sage ACT! and Outlook. You can set synchronization options to determine what information is synchronized.

Contact Integration
Outlook contacts integration lets you add, edit, and view contacts in both Sage ACT! and Outlook.

With contact integration, you can:

  • Add, edit, and synchronize contacts in either application.
  • Import Outlook items, such as contacts and notes, to an Sage ACT! database.

To share information between Sage ACT! and Outlook, you must use a compatible version of Microsoft Outlook. See System Requirements.

Calendar Integration
Outlook calendar integration lets you schedule and view appointments, activities, and tasks in both your Sage ACT! Premium and Outlook calendars.

With calendar integration, you can:
  • Schedule an activity upon accepting an iCalendar invitation in Outlook.
  • Send an iCalendar e-mail invitation to Outlook recipients when scheduling an activity.
  • Synchronize appointments, activities, and tasks from one calendar to another.

To share information between Sage ACT! and Outlook, you must use a compatible version of Microsoft Outlook. See System Requirements.

ACT! 123Synchroniser Outlook/Exchange (PC & Server)

Synchronise ACT! with Outlook and/or Exchange. You can either synchronise manually or in the background, 123 Synchroniser will keep both your ACT! and Outlook/Exchange contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and history in Sync.

Enhanced Exchange Server Capabilities:

  • Run as a client using Outlook to access multiple Exchange mailboxes through the same interface.
  • Match ACT! users to Outlook/Exchange mailboxes on the client or server configurations.
  • Create Custom Users that access independent databases and Outlook/Exchange folders.
  • Install on the Exchange server and access the user's contact/tasks/calendar folders without Outlook being installed.
  • Connect directly with Exchange via the server name and the mailbox. No Outlook Needed!
  • Awesome Outlook Client Capabilities. Don't want (or can't) access Exchange directly, just use Outlook as your gateway. No problem! Multi-Exchange Configuration Support. Whether you are running Exchange in your own network or remotely, 123 Synchroniser 2011 works with Microsoft's Mapi interface to establish a reliable and secure connection.

Support of one-way updating or two-way full synchronisation between ACT! and Outlook/Exchange. Update, merge, or transfer contacts and their respective histories (and their owners), attachments, todo's, calls, meetings, etc.. Unmatched Outlook and Exchange Folder Management:
  • Map sets of Outlook/Exchange folders to individual users
  • Share Contact folders amongst multiple users
  • Share Calendar Folders and identify users within the folder.
  • Exchange Compatible. We have tested the software in the following Exchange configurations:
    • On a desktop with Outlook and the Exchange mailbox accessible via the Outlook interface
    • On a desktop with the folders on a Public Exchange folder
    • On a server with exchange mailboxes accessible via the exchange profile
    • On a server with exchange public folders
    • On a hosted Exchange environment where you login via the Internet with Outlook to access the Exchange folder.
    • On an Exchange server with Mapi/CDO installed.
    • Running the software using the windows scheduler in the background in exchange and much more.
    • AND IT ALL WORKS!!!!

Single Client-Side configuration or Server-Multi-User Configurations. Run the software on your PC/Laptop or run it on an Exchange server to process multiple users.
Reverse Sync Commands. Send commands via the Calendar/Tasks body text and instruct ACT! to clear the calendar item and create a history entry for the calendar. History Filtering. Filter out which history items are brought over.
Background and Foreground Processing. Setup the software to run in the background without any user intervention or without being logged in to the server (great for Exchange).
Run 123 Sync as a service. You can setup 123 Sync to run as a Windows services via the Windows scheduler.
Map User defined ACT! fields into Contact Fields and vice versa. Unlimited user fields mapping capabilities from ACT! to Contacts and back. Remember, read-only user defined fields cannot be mapped to be updated.
Unparalleled duplicate prevention mechanism! Sync with an existing ACT! database with an existing Outlook/Exchange Contacts, Calendar and Tasks folder and have no duplicates!
Synchronization of Notes/History to the Contact's Body Text Secondary Contacts. Add all the secondary contacts to the Contact's Body Text for easy access and retrieval.
Customisable FileAs field in Outlook/Exchange. You can create contacts with any FileAs field as you see fit.
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