Sales Process Nav Bar

With ACT! out of the Box, the only the sales option is the Opportunities. Sales opportunities is ideal for qualified leads, however we are missing a couple of processes before they become qualified leads.

An Opportunity means you:

  • Have qualified the lead.
  • Have identified the opportunities.
  • Mostly understand the products and services to be delivered.

When you get a new sales member or a person who is new to ACT! common questions that arise are:

  • Where are my new imported leads?
  • Where are my unqualified leads?
  • Where are existing leads?

So we have added two extra options to the Act! Nav Bar.

  • 1 Leads
  • 2 Unqualified

This will allow your team to easily see your unqualified and existing leads. So when you import a new list in, you can easily access the Unqualified leads in Act! and mark them off when qualified. Then you have leads generated from Web Sites, seminars or other methods, which can be easily accessed from Leads in ACT!

The Sales Process Nav Bar addon gives you easy access to your unqualified and existing leads, making your sales process easier to manage and increasing productivity by speeding up the lead conversion process.

Below is a video demonstrating how you can use the addon to improve your lead conversion process.

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