My Industry & ACT! Database Customisation

Can ACT! be tailored to suit My Industry? YES IT CAN!

Give Me What I Want!

We understand that every company is unique in its' individual requirements and their desired outcomes. ACT! is a powerful tool in itself but even more powerful and effective when the application is tailored to suit your specific company requirements. ACT! is one such product that can be customised uniquely for you. Implementation of particular profiles, fields and report gathering are just some of those types of adjustments we can make to ACT! to enable you to work more efficiently and achieve your desired results.

Below is a list of just some of the areas that we have provided customised solutions to.

  • Super Future Funds
  • Financial Solution Providers
  • Financial Investment Brokers
  • Human Resources/Recruitment
  • Teambuilding & Fitness
  • Medical Health
  • Corporate Companies
  • Real Estate/Property Development
  • Public Relations, Media, Event Management
  • Insurance/Risk Assessment
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Call Centres
  • Resources and Products
  • Sporting Teams and Clubs
  • Trades
  • Nursing Homes and Welfare
  • OHS Rehabilitation
  • Software Development

Database Design

We have built numerous custom databases for our clients. Custom designs are prepared based in a specific Industry or Business requirements. Fields, drop down menus, tabs, workflows, colours and functions can be set up to suit your specific desired business requirement. Some of these designs are featured below. We are more than happy to come to you and discuss your specific database expectations. It's not all about aesthetics. We understand your database needs to work hard for you, so entering data into carefully planned fields and generating specific outcomes is paramount. We can build this robust functionality into your layouts or we can teach you to update your database at will. Check out some of our recent designs featured below: